Puppy Countdown: 19 Days! Puppy Haul!

It’s official, I’m going to have one spoiled puppy!

She has so much stuff, it’s almost depressing that I’ve not really bought anything for myself recently.

Oh wait that’s a lie, I have. A waterproof jacket, I’ve bought a waterproof jacket.

For dog walking.

Therefore it’s for Macy not me.

Do you know how depressing it is spending your money on a waterproof jacket.

Luckily I’m a frugal queen and found a jacket that was supposed to be £70 and get it for £28. Boom.

But still, a waterproof jacket. Ick.

You would think since we’re getting her in August I wouldn’t need one just yet but the weather has been so horrible this week!

Anyway, it is now a little under three weeks until we pick up my new baby so we’ve been experiencing a whole new world of pets at home and http://www.petplanet.co.uk to get everything we need (and some stuff we probably don’t) for the little one.

Before I get you up to speed with everything I’ve bought, here is this week’s photo of her…


She’s getting so big!

I can’t wait for puppy cuddles!

Ok, yes, puppy stuff. That’s why we’re here!

Let’s start with her bed…


Crate- On Loan (thanks grandma and grandad!) Crate Mat- Jollyes Pet Shop.                             Blanket- PetPlanet.co.uk                                    Giraffe Pillow- PetPlanet.co.uk

How cute is her little bed?!

I really didn’t want it to just be an empty crate with just a mat that wasn’t very soft so as much as all of this might not last 5 minutes with her chewing it puts my mind at ease a little.


I mean look at her little Giraffe sleep pillow! It’s so cute and so soft and probably won’t last five minutes but if she doesn’t like him then I’ll have him!


Of course, the all important Kongs.

I keep reading books that say we need three kongs in our house- three?!? They’re not cheap! But hopefully this should help with her little baby teeth!

P1000518 P1000515 P1000507

Her toys! I know, I know- how many toys does a nine week old puppy need but you just never know what she’ll like and what she won’t. These are from petsathome, asda and pet planet. These should all help with her teething, we’ve tried to keep the soft toys to a minimum because she’ll probably tear them to pieces!


These are the only (only!) two soft toys we have got her, a newspaper which I think we’ll be fun and a little lamb, which will be not so fun for her to tear apart. But both have the oh so lovely squeakers in so maybe it’s better that the lamb has a quick death!


The clickers!

We’re going to use clickers to train her so she doesn’t get a treat every time she does something good, I’ve put dibs on the orange one!



Puppy Shampoo & Grooming Brush

Oh. My. God does this smell amazing, I need to find orange scented shampoo so we can be twins in more than just hair colour! I know you don’t need to bath dogs that often but I’ll be looking forward to her smelling like this when we do!


Her Collar!

She already wears a colour but it’s a just a cheap one and each puppy has a different colour but she’s known as burgundy dog in her house so we’ve bought her a proper burgundy collar. This was off Etsy and the store was called TheCustomCollar. It came all the way from Colorado and did so surprisingly quickly!


Her bowl.

This is one of her three bowls but as the other two are just plain stainless steel I thought this would be the cuter one to show you. It says puppy on the front and is a lovely off white ceramic


Our Bibles

This two books have been invaluable to two puppy novices. The Happy Puppy Handbook is really great and explains everything you need to know from preparing for your puppy to puppy behaviours. The Puppy Bible talks you through what your puppy should be doing and looking like on a week by week basis. Get. These. Books!

And that’s it for now- we still need to get the baby gate so that we can keep her in the kitchen when she has her alone time each day (I’ve read it’s important for them to have time alone so they don’t get attached) and we can quickly wipe any accidents and then just her harness and lead.

Oh and food- food would be a good thing.

And newspaper, I feel like we’re going to need a lot of newspaper over the next couple of months…

I don’t feel like we’d need anything else but let me know if we do!

Oh! And just coming in this evening…

A new video of our little cutie pie!


Puppy Countdown: 29 Days: Look At That Waddle!

We’re now less than a month to go!!!

I’m living, breathing and sleeping puppy preparations. There is so much to learn and know.

Do we crate train her? Do we not (I’ve since found out we do)

Apparently eating raw is a thing? (no thank you!)

And puppies pee.

A lot.

Like every 30 minutes

and that’s pushing it.

So for about 3-4 weeks we’re going to have to time our life in 30 minute incriminates. How much can you do in 30 minutes?

We’ve bought a puppy bible…


This thing has been our life line. Anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy (or dog for that matter) get this this book! I’ve never owned a dog before so although I knew some stuff, I was pretty clueless. Not now.

Just call me the puppy whisperer.

The best part about this build up is the pictures and videos. We’re friends with the breeder on Facebook so get treated to pictures and videos!

IMG_0978 IMG_0980

I’m so in love!

I’ve already discovered my favourite thing about Macy though.

It’s her walk.

Or should I say waddle.

My puppy waddles!

Look at that butt!

Even her mum has a thing about her butt!

Oh go on then, one more…

OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppy Count Down: 34 Days – Where My Loyalties Lie

Puppy Countdown

We are 34 days away from bringing Macy home.

I’m so excited, but I’m definitely not showing that…

Definitely not.

It’s amazing how our lives are already changing in prep for the puppy princess, I’ve been speaking to vets today and we’ve now got a little welcome visit booked in to go and meet the vets and they’ll show us around. I’m starting to think about vaccinations and how we’re going to house train her (any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!)

Overall a very exciting time! And the best part?

I’ve now got a loyalty card for Pets at Home.

I know!

I think it says a lot about a person when you know what loyalty or discount cards they have.

I’m sure there are people in the world that don’t have any and I have only one question for you people…

Where did you get your willpower

I’ve recently lost my purse so I have none right now but here’s what I did have:

  • Boots (with £20 of points on there! And I lost it!)
  • Superdrug
  • Costa
  • Hobbycraft
  • Matalan
  • Tesco Clubcard
  • Buy 9 bottles of water and get one free (work)

But the last two loyalty cards myself and Mr Amy Who have signed up for are pets at home and Ikea family.

We’re growing up.

I don’t know what it is about loyalty cards…

Maybe it’s the promise of discounts for things (that I will never use)

Or maybe it’s because you get so much ample shopping time to use them (even though most times they expire before payday!)

Maybe I should use the losing of my purse as a blessing in disguise to rid myself of these loyalty cards.

Except Boots- I really need to get my points back for boots.

I Have News…

I have news…

I’m very excited….

How to tell you this? Should I drop hints or just come out with with it?

F*ck it!

I’m going to be a mummy!

Phew, load off my mind….

I’d like to announce I’m very excited to be welcoming a little girl into my life on the 21st of August

I just know she’s going to have blonde hair just like me

I feel like she might like running around with Mr Amy Who

But also like cuddles on the sofa with me.

I’m expecting a few sleepless nights

And lots of wee wees on the kitchen floor

And hair.

Hair everywhere.

I’m sure you’d like to see the one picture I have before she joins our little family….

Go on then.



Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is is my beautiful little princess!

Her name is Macy or more informally to be known as my little Macy-bear.

I’m so excited for her to be coming into our lives in five weeks time (exactly five weeks time!)

She’s almost four weeks old and is a gorgeous little golden Labrador. She is part of a litter of 9 (maybe 10) other puppies…


Her mum is a beautiful Black Lab who was so calm and lovely.

I’m literally on cloud nine, all I want is for her to be home now! After a shitty day yesterday all I wanted was some puppy cuddles from my little Macy Bear.

I have made a decision to return to blogging as I want to do everything to document our experience from preparing for Macy coming home to her first day at home.

Because lets face it, I need the advice of others if she’s going to have any chance!

I Live In A Grown Up House!

I promised a new house blog didn’t I?

Don’t worry- I’ve completely changed, I no longer go back on my promises.

That’s because I’m a grown up now. You now how I can prove it? I live in a house.

With stairs.

Oh yes, the time has come where a staircase separates my kitchen and my bedroom.

You know, when you move out of your childhood home and into a flat a staircase is not something you’d think you’d miss but boy does it feel good to know your bedroom doesn’t have to smell like the dinner you cooked.

So I’ve been in the big girl house for just over a week now and it’s definitely weird how it doesn’t feel weird. After a couple of days and several Ikea trips (I should never have bought a car- it’s made that place too bloody accessible!) I’m loving my new comfy, cosy home.

I never realised how much I’d love magnolia!

After two years of brilliant white walls everywhere it’s actually very nice to see a bit of magnolia about the place. I say a bit, I’ve gone from every wall being white to every wall being magnolia but it’s all good- my dreams of a room full of glitter will come one day!

So I guess you want to see some photos right? Of course you do! I’m going to start with the best one! Because, what if an astroid hits you! You’d never get to see it….


That’s right!

I have my very own dressing room…

with a back lit mirror…


If it had glitter walls it would be perfect!

However, let me tell you about the joys of a backlit mirror. It shows everything.

Girls- do not squeeze your spots! Every single scar is still there, just lurking under that first layer of skin!

Every morning I know look like this…


Anyway, I digress…

Not that your even bothered after seeing the majesticness of my dressing room but here’s some pictures of the rest of the house.


My Cute Little House!


My Living Room


The outside and the living room- my other favourite room in the house, mainly cause of how quiet it is! Every house I’ve ever lived in has been on a main road and this one is just set back so we can have our lovely patio doors open without it sounding like a F1 racing event is happening just outside.


Mr Amy Who modelling the kitchen


All the other photos are of stairways and bedrooms that all look the same because there’s no furniture so lets not bother with those.

I never thought I’d say this but after three trips in the space of 5 weeks…

I’m sick of Ikea.

No more! I’m not going back for five years!

Wait! That was a rash statement which I instantly regretted!

Lets all calm down, we all know realistically it will probably be five months.

If I can hold out that long…

But Ikea are very efficient people. I don’t know if that is a Swedish thing and they’ve been trained to be like but we bought a wardrobe in Ikea. We ordered it in the store to be delivered. We ordered it on a Friday to be delivered to our home on the next Friday. That’s seven days, you think we’d survive for seven days safe in knowledge that our wardrobe was coming but just so Ikea could make sure…

On the Friday we ordered the wardrobe

On the Tuesday I received not one but two texts telling me my wardrobe was coming on the Friday between 7 and 11am

On the Thursday I received a call telling me my wardrobe was coming between 7am and 11am.

Five minutes after the phone call I received a text message telling me my wardrobe was coming on the Friday between 7 and 11am.

On the Friday morning at 7.05am I received a phone call from Ikea, which I missed.

At 7.06am Mr Amy Who received a phone call from Ikea, which he missed.

I returned the phone call- they were waiting outside for me to return the phone call before they would knock on my door.


It’s all too much Ikea! I think we need to take some time apart, I’m a busy girl. I can’t have you harassing me like that any more!

So to advance further in my quest to become a fully fledged grown up the next step is saving up for our puppy! The countdown is on to get one in early September as myself and Jordan have three weeks off between us in September which was not done for puppy time but it works out quite nicely. I’m now in the process of trying to swot up so I know how to actually train a dog instead of being all…


So for all you dog owners (Pete) any tips on toilet training? To crate or not to crate? And anything else to help give this puppy the best chance of staying alive would be fabulous.

So… Hi.



I know, lame way to start… but I’m not sure how to start after 6 months of not saying anything.

I’ve been thinking about you all a lot recently, trying to decide whether I can bridge the gap between blogging and, well, not blogging. And also deciding whether I have anything worth saying? I already know I either need to blog a lot or not at all because I can’t seem to find the right balance of just doing 1 or 2 every couple of weeks, before I know it- 6 months has gone by.

But I still use WordPress, I still read other blogs and today a little notification popped up to say I’d been the proud owner of Amy Who for two years…

Two whole years.


When I think back to who I was then and who I am now, it’s a big change. Okay I look the same, sound the same but I don’t act the same, I don’t feel the same.

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve changed a lot recently because this Friday I get the keys to my brand new house. A house that I will happily be sharing with Mr Amy Who and our plans to fill it with a puppy and who knows what else in a few years and I feel so happy and yet really sad about spreading my wings of this flat.

Practically- a one bedroom flat with no storage and an increasing amount of black mould is not where I want to be but this flat is me. I came into it a totally broken girl with no money, no real career, no life, a broken down relationship and I’ve grown into a woman that can survive and live. A woman who can be brave enough to go abroad exploring by herself, who can pay her own bills, who can advance her career. And okay, that was down to me, not the flat but I was here when I experienced all that. When I clicked the confirm button on the flights to Barcelona, when I’ve come home and cried about a really hard day, when I’ve annoyed the neighbours with my constant singing.

So maybe I’d run out of things to say because I didn’t have much to moan about…

That’s not a bad place to be.

But it’s time for a brand new start. I’m going to be moving to a house, with stairs! I’ve not had to navigate stairs in my own home for 3 years. Sure, I have to use stairs to get to my front door but then I’m done, sorted. It’s only a quick stumble from the living room to the bathroom but now…

Well now it’s not that easy!

I’ve got a garage and a garden and I’m thinking about the flowers I want to plant. I couldn’t keep the little herb garden in my kitchen alive so I’m not sure what hope they’d have but the thought is there.

I’m going to have my own dressing room! I’ve claimed the box room for my own and it’s going to be my little sanctuary. Because you need that when you live with a boy.

He can have the garage.

And we’re planning for our little puppy. He wants a Husky, I want a Cockapoo so anyone know of something in between? It will hopefully be joining our lives later this year so watch this space.

And work is changing for the better (I think) but more on that later… There’s a whole other blog about that.

Which means they’ll definitely be another blog.

Lets do a work blog and then a house tour, ease myself in gently.



Here’s to starting again!