Day 308- Linda, Honey- Listen!

It is Saturday morning, it is a weekend, the sun was shining ten minutes ago…

I think it’s time for Breakfast in Bed!



Although I will be doing it sans breakfast. It’s only 8.30 and I don’t like eating breakfast until about 10am on weekends. But yes, it’s 8.30 and not 7.30 so it is all good in the hood!

Now- I seem to have gain about 15 followers this week- Hi to all you lovely people! I know they say ignorance is bliss and all that but just to explain, my breakfast in bed feature is where I go over the most heartwarming/funny/crazy news stories from all over the globe that have appeared in the last week!

Most Uplifting News Story Of The Week

Now, I’m a suck for these kind of stories but this one in particular just warms my heart.

A photographer (Shawn Van Daele) from Ontario, Canada has been working for the last two years to bring life to the imagination of children battling a variety of health conditions across Canada and the USA. This project is called The Drawing Hope Project.

f a child’s dream is to swim with a whale, Van Daele will make it happen. If they’d rather fly off in a hot air balloon, he can do that, too. All they have to do is draw up their wildest dream, and he’ll make it a reality.

“I want to inspire the magic of childhood and let kids and their families who can use a little happiness in their life see that anything is possible,” Van Daele


All the kids had to do was send in a picture of their dream, like Alexandria did and now she is the Queen of Candyland. You go girl!

The Most Stupid News Story Of The Week

I’m sure you’re all aware of the Guinness Book Of World Records where every record is contained. It gets re-released every year and people do their best to get into the thing. I remember as a kid being fascinated with the lady with the longest nails. There are some serious records and some not so serious records.

Like this one…

Mohammad Rashid set the new record for the most walnuts he could crack with his head in one minute at the Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan. He cracked 115 walnuts which means he beat the previous record of 44 walnuts, held by an American.


Why? Why is this a thing?

Does this dude (and the American before him) feel like he’s so bad at conventional hobbies that he has to turn to this?

Wouldn’t you have to practice this? Would you have permanent indentations on your head? Couldn’t you take an eye out if this all went wrong?

 Viral Videos Of The Week

Now, I’m sure most of you will have seen the trailer for the film ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street.’ and it’s a film that got a lot of buzz. It’s the inspiration for my first Viral Video of the week. A student from Ireland, Tommy Bolger has started a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ themed campaign to become Student Union President. Take a look, it gave me a few giggles.

Speaking of the Wolf Of Wall Street, I think the world’s next best Salesman has been found in the form of three year old Mateo Beltran. The below video shows a hilarious attempt to win his mum over about why he tried to go behind her back to ask his grandma for a cupcake when she’d already said no.

I’ll think I’m going to have ‘but Linda, Honey, listen’ in my head all day

Finally, we move on to the last viral video. Now although it will be my dream come true, I’m sure many parents (mine still included) get fed up of the amount of kids TV they have have to watch and Disney music they have to listen to. So these two guys made it a whole lot more fun. Incidentally, their daughter couldn’t care less.

Pictures of the Week


All I can say to Kristen Bell- Well done.


A couple of months ago there were divorce rumours circling the first couple. This may be why…


That curry a bit too hot for you?

Over To You…

I feel like adding a new section this week because…

Well it’s my blog, and it’s a great way to have a bit of a gossip about one particular news story I’ve been following for the past two weeks.

What do you think about the whole Oscar Pistorious thing. I’m starting to feel like it’s all a bit of a soap opera, where they will declare him ‘not guilty’ and everyone in the entire world will do this…


I mean, I’m really not buying his story. They were asleep next today each other for several hours (according to him) and then he wakes up and think there’s an intruder…

Wouldn’t you automatically just look over and see that she’s not there?! And there’s a lot of holes appearing in his story. He said they were asleep for hours before but the post mortem said she ate within 2 hours of dying. He said he had his prosthetics on, but it’s becoming pretty clear that he didn’t…


What do you think?! Guilty or not guilty?

So if you have any News Stories that you think should feature, then let me know and I will have a look into them…


One thought on “Day 308- Linda, Honey- Listen!

  1. beetleypete says:

    Good Saturday selection Amy. I hear that they are already sorting out a film about the Pistorius shooting. No doubt some good looking people will be lined up to play the leads…I voted Guilty in your poll…
    Regards as always, Pete.

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